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Mugens Keratin ConditionerR[100][WELCOS CO., LTD.]

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Mugens Keratin ConditionerR[100][WELCOS CO., LTD.]


 Product Benefits:

Cerasome DDS is a system to keep hair healthy in which 5 active components are turned into Liposome by Nano Technology.

Chaga mushroom extract: Effectively removes waste scalp and hair residues and waster to prevent hair from decolorizing and discoloring

Beta-glucan: Provision of nourishment and strengthening elasticity

Ceramide: Controls water evaporation of hair which is easy to get dry and rough

Herbal complex: Exerts an emollient effect on hair and prevents damage

Argan oil: Activates hair functions and strengthens gloss

-Highly concentrated nourishing and moisturizing substances for damaged and weakened hair strengthen damaged hair structure

-Nourishing treatment to enhances resistance to all kinds of chemical treatment and foreign damage factors and protect in a healthy state



1. Spray onto dry hair or hair dried with a towel after shampooing.

2. Do not rinse.

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